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Growing Up Powerful

Revolutionize girlhood with the Growing Up Powerful Podcast from Rebel Girls! Join BFFs Asha and Jestine as they try to figure out this wild thing called life. Jump in for game shows, mindfulness breaks, advice from experts, and more! A companion series to the new guidebook from Rebel Girls, Growing Up Powerful celebrates the messiness and milestones of growing up. 


JESTINE: Hey there. I’m Jestine

ASHA: And I‘m Asha.

JESTINE: We’re two best friends trying to figure out this wild thing called life. 

ASHA: And we talk about it all on our podcast: Growing Up Powerful!

JESTINE: Yeah. It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

ASHA: Ha! Yeah, on Growing Up Powerful, we dive into what it feels like to be navigating friendships, family-ships…

JESTINE: Our bodies changing, our emotions growing.

ASHA: There are quizzes and interviews with rebels all over the globe.

JESTINE: We learn fun facts from rebel correspondents far and wide…

ASHA: And we practice some much-needed mindfulness breaks…

JESTINE: It’s really fun.

ASHA: So join us on the Growing Up Powerful Podcast – you can find us on the Rebel Girls App, Apple podcasts, or Patreon. 

JESTINE: Did we mention the awesome cheer I made up about you?

ASHA: I think they can hear it for themselves.

JESTINE: Oh but it’s so good.

ASHA: Leave ‘em wanting more…

JESTINE: We hope to see you there!