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Courage + Confidence: The Five Pillars 

Between the ages of 8 and 14, girls are experiencing so many new things. They’re expanding their social circles, figuring out what their superpowers are, and finding their voices. It’s an exciting time! But this is also the time when girls report feeling a major drop in their confidence. And here at Rebel Girls, we’re working to fix that. So, paired with the release of Growing Up Powerful in May, we launched Courage and Confidence

With five main pillars, body, mind, family, community, and the world, Courage and Confidence is a holistic approach to self-esteem building. Through monthly activities, blog posts, and new, exciting Rebel Girls products, girls everywhere can boost their confidence—and have fun along the way! Let’s take a closer look at each pillar: 

Body: Helping your Rebel take care of and appreciate her growing body is an important part of fostering lifelong confidence. Girls may think that their thoughts and emotions are out of their control. But that’s not true. Eating well, exercising, and understanding the changes happening in her body directly correlate to a girl’s overall sense of well-being. 

Mind: With all the changes that come with the pre-teen years, it’s no wonder that your Rebel’s emotions and stress levels might be heightened. This part of the Confidence Project is all about helping girls calm their minds so they’re better able to cope with big emotions. Here’s an easy, quick exercise you and your Rebel can try today: take a breath in as you count to four, hold the breath for another count of four, and—you guessed it—count to four as you let your breath out.

Family: Who better to support a Rebel’s confidence journey than those closest to her? Here at Rebel Girls, we’re thrilled to celebrate all types of families and guide grown-ups and kids through activities to strengthen their bonds. Check out our Q&A activity for a fun way to share stories and ideas with one another. 

Community: As girls start to expand their social circles and choose their own friends, it’s important to encourage her to find a supportive group, and to look for ways she can uplift others. This pillar aims to emphasize the power of a vibrant community and help girls form healthy, meaningful connections.  

World: A confident Rebel Girl is unstoppable! This step in her confidence journey encourages girls to dream big and set goals. Your Rebel has plenty of time to figure out what they want to be and do, but it sure is fun to start imagining all the possibilities! Creating a vision board together is the perfect way to start brainstorming. 

We’re so thrilled to support you and your Rebel’s journey through The Confidence Project! If you enjoy these posts and The Confidence Project activities, be sure to check out our upcoming book, Growing Up Powerful, available for pre-order now.