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Good Night Stories

“In an ideal world, not only would mothers read this aloud to daughters, but teachers would read it to schoolboys.” — Sunday Times

Good Night Stories Books & Audio

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women
The bestselling original volume with illustrated non-fiction stories from the past and present told in a fairytale format.

ISBN: 9780997895810
Lexile® measure: 880L
Guided Reading Level: S
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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Volume 2
The sequel to the sensational bestseller, with 100 stories about female role models chosen by our audience.

ISBN: 9780997895827
Lexile® measure: 960L
Guided Reading Level: S
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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World
Volume III features 100 stories about immigrant women from 29 countries who left home to shape our world.

ISBN: 9781733329293
Lexile® measure: 960L
Guided Reading Level: S
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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic
This volume celebrates the stories of 100 barrier-breaking Black women and girls from the past and present.

ISBN: 9781953424044
Lexile® measure: 870L
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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers
This fifth volume, out in September, will highlight young women who are making their mark on the world today.

ISBN: 9781953424341
Lexile® measure:
Guided Reading Level:
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Rebel Girls App: Inspiring Audio Stories About Extraordinary Women
Discover an audio library filled with hundreds of audio stories, guided activities, relaxing soundscapes, and more.

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Good Night Stories: Downloadable Resources

Curriculum Guide: Rebel Girls Series
An all-new curriculum guide featuring activities and questions inspired by Rebel Girls from our best-selling volumes.

Lesson Plan: Volume 1
A comprehensive guide featuring 20 lessons and vocabulary designed around a common theme and inspired by Rebels from our volumes.

Activity: Write Your Own Story
After reading the books, get students inspired to tell their own Rebel Girls-style story with space to write a biography and draw their own portrait.

Glossary: Volume 2
Readers can reference the illustrated glossary to expand their vocabulary while learning about incredible role models. 

Glossary: 100 Immigrant Women 
Teach key vocabulary words (highlighted throughout the text) related to immigration and diversity as students read.

Activity: 90+ Journal Prompts
Write, draw, and dream bigger with drawing and writing prompts that encourage self-exploration and creativity.

Activity: Cooking
Learn to make a traditional Indian dish – Lachedar Paratha – with chef and Rebel Girl Asma Khan.

Activity: Send Thanks With a Postcard
Send gratitude with a postcard writing exercise in partnership with the International Rescue Committee.

Activity: Storytelling Map
Teach students to get their message across with a storytelling exercise from Mondadori’s best-selling Italian authors.

Glossary: Black Girl Magic
Teach key vocabulary words (highlighted throughout the text) related to immigration and diversity as students read.

Activity Pack: Black Girl Magic
This activity sheet features 12 writing, art, STEM, and movement activities inspired by real Rebel Girls featured in the volume. 

Curriculum Guide: Black Girl Magic
This curriculum guide for 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic embodies themes of resilience, boldness, and creativity shared in the text.

Glossary: Changemakers
Teach key vocabulary words (highlighted throughout the text) related to social issues as students read.

Activity Pack: Changemakers 1
This activity sheet features 5 writing, art, STEM, and movement activities inspired by real Rebel Girls featured in the volume.

Activity Pack: Changemakers 2
This activity sheet features 4 activities inspired by four real-life changemakers to encourage inspire future changemakers!

Wisdom & Advice

Dear Rebel
Extraordinary teens and women share their advice, experiences, and the secrets of their success—in their own words.

ISBN: 9781953424471
Lexile® measure: 920L
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Growing Up Powerful
Advice, Q&As with experts and girls, quizzes — this inside scoop on girlhood gives tweens and teens the tools they need to become their most confident selves.

ISBN: 9781953424341
Lexile® measure: 890L
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Interactive titles

Notes to Share
Packed with affirmations, quotes, jokes, and more, this collection of tear-out messages is a simple way to encourage kids at school, camp, sports practice… anywhere!

ISBN: 9781953424488
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Rebel Girls Handbook
Trivia, activities, and so much more about 300+ trailblazing women from the Rebel Universe. Activities encourage young readers to join in and make the book their own!

ISBN: 9781953424303
Lexile® measure: 960L
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Quizzes for Rebel Girls
This book is packed with 50+ quizzes guiding girls to discover the traits, strengths, and habits that make them unique.

ISBN: 9781953424310
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Questions for Rebel Girls
More than 500 thought-provoking questions put readers in the shoes of extraordinary women and ignite discussions between rebels and their classmates.

ISBN: 9781953424105
Lexile® measure: 800L
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I Am a Rebel Girl Journal
This interactive journal is filled with activities that challenge perspective, inspire thought, prompt action, and create space for BIG ideas.

ISBN: 9780997895841
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Kahoot! Academy has collaborated with Rebel Girls to launch a new collection of games, available to play for free. These Kahoots can be played anywhere—in the classroom, during a virtual class, or independently at home.

Mini Editions

Each mini edition is a paperback collection of 25 tales focused on a specific field or type of accomplishment.

Rebel Girls Lead:
25 Tales of Powerful Women

Rebel Girls Lead
This collection celebrates 25 women leaders in politics, business, sports, activism, and more by telling their stories of bravery and vision.

ISBN: 9781953424068
Lexile® measure: 770L
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Activity: Leadership Training
Students can hone their leadership skills, practice the power of persuasive writing, and envision themselves as the leaders in the book.

Quiz: What Kind of Leader Are You?
This fun personality quiz lets students discover what type of leader they are and how to use their skills to change the world!

Rebel Girls Champions:
25 Tales of Unstoppable Athletes

Rebel Girls Champions
This collection showcases tales of game-changing athletes and their drive, resilience, and sportsmanship, including the most thrilling anecdotes from the 2021 Olympic Games.

ISBN: 9781953424082
Lexile® measure: 830L
More details

Activity Pack: Training
Let students try these activities for keeping their minds and bodies fit, including creating an everyday obstacle course and practicing their balance.

Quiz: What Kind of Champion Are You?
Let students discover what type of champion they are and who shares their teamwork, practice, and competition instincts.

Rebel Girls Powerful Pairs:
25 Tales of Mothers and Daughters

Rebel Girls Powerful Pairs
Celebrate the strength of family through stories of mothers and daughters working together to make the world a better, healthier, and more vibrant place.

ISBN: 9781734877076
Lexile® measure: 870L
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Activity Pack: More Fun Together!
Explore activities designed by author Eve Rodsky for readers to do with their mom or another beloved grown-up.

Activity Pack: Pair Up for Fun
Activities to inspire readers to bond with a grown-up or friend while they cook, connect, hike, or volunteer.

Activity: Test Your Powers of Observation
Picture puzzles, word scrambles, and a word search celebrate women working together.

Rebel Girls Climate Warriors:
25 Tales of Women Who Protect the Earth

Rebel Girls Climate Warriors
Meet women — conservationists, activists, authors, and more — from all over the world who have stood up and used their amazing talents to protect the planet.

ISBN: 9781953424211
Lexile® measure: 930L
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Activity: Live Green with Daughters for Earth
Humanitarian and Rebel Girl Zainab Salbi shares some tips and activities for environmentally-friendly and fun practices!

Activity Pack: Celebrate Nature
These activities designed by SeaLegacy and the Only One Collective highlight a few ways you can observe, celebrate, and advocate for wildlife and nature.

Activity: Learn About and Bond with Nature
Protect the planet with playful exercises that encourage readers to live consciously.

Activity: Energize Your Eco Spirit
Discover cool lessons about the environment with puzzles, pictures, and more about Rebel Girls from Climate Warriors.

Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs:
25 Tales of Women Building Businesses

Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs
Stories of entrepreneurs from Madam C.J. Walker to Rihanna show how creativity develops ideas and builds the future.

ISBN: 9781953424235
Lexile® measure: 890L
More details

Activity: Build Your Own Business
Designed by business leader Jocelyn Mangan of Him for Her, follow the steps to help readers start their own business.

Activity: Super Slime Recipe
We asked kids in the KiwiCo community what kinds of businesses they’ve started. Ella shared her Super Slime Recipe!

Glossary: Business Words Vocab
There are lots of words used in the business world that might not be familiar to readers. Use this handy vocab sheet to teach them some business basics.

Activity Pack: Explore How to Be an Entrepreneur
Use these enterprising activities to encourage students to learn how to build a business, empower others, and more!

Activity: Take Your Drive to the Next Level
Learn how to stand out and shine bright with these printable activity sheets that feature determined Rebel Girls.

Rebel Girls Rock:
25 Tales of Women in Music

Rebel Girls Rock
25 stories of women who have moved hearts and minds with their lyrics, uplifted other musicians, and gotten a crowd to jump, dance, and sing along.

ISBN: 9781953424440
Lexile® measure: 940L
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Activity: Make Your Own Music
It’s their turn to jam with activities designed by Gibson, a company that makes top-tier guitars and instruments.

Activity: Design Your Own Album Cover
Your students are the star of the show, and they’ll create their own album art to make it big!

Activity: Confidence Cube 
Create your own Lizzo-inspired Confidence Cube and use this template to create more cube people!

Activity: Music Acrostic 
In this acrostic activity, identify the traits that make your favorite performers so amazing!

Rebel Girls Animal Allies:
25 Tales of Women Working with Wildlife

Rebel Girls Animal Allies
25 brave, compassionate scientists, veterinarians, and activists who fight for animal rights and conservation will inspire animal lovers everywhere. 

ISBN: 9781953424235
Lexile® measure: 890L
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Activity Pack: Be An Animal Ally
This collection of activities was designed by Bindi Irwin and her team of Wildlife Warriors to help readers learn more about conservation. 

Activity: Sketch and Share
With inspiration from sketches by the Rebel Girls team, readers will carry a sketch pad with them and draw whatever animals they come across.

Activity: Endangered Animals
This activity sheet asks students to research an endangered species in their state or region to discover ways of protecting them.

Activity: Bindi Irwin Word Search
Find words related to Bindi Irwin’s work as a conservationist in this cheetah word search.

Activity: Spot the Difference
Test your observational skills by exploring the Kenyan landscape with biologist and TV producer Gillian Burke.

Rebel Girls Celebrate Pride:
25 Tales of Self-Love and Community

Rebel Girls Celebrate Pride
Read about how these 25 women, girls, and nonbinary people broke down barriers, honored their identities, and lived authentically no matter what anyone else said.

ISBN: 9781953424280
Lexile® measure: 840L
More details

Activity Pack: GLAAD
After reading, explore a collection of activities curated by GLAAD, like creating your own pride flag and playlist.

Glossary: Celebrate Pride
Explore a wide range of words that describe gender and sexuality that are used throughout Rebel Girls Celebrate Pride.

Activity: Map Your Favorite Place
Draw a map of the place where you feel the most confident and the most YOU!

Activity: Design A Protest Sign
Design your own protest sign about an issue that’s important to you. It can feature a clever phrase, picture, or both!

Decode the Punchline
Use the code to uncover the punchlines of the jokes with comedian Hannah Gadsby.

Activity: Spot the Difference
Test your observation skills with a spot-the-difference challenge featuring pilot Maria Campos Demenech!

Rebel Girls Level Up:
25 Tales of Gaming and the Metaverse

Rebel Girls Level Up
Meet 25 women in the world of gaming who have created innovative technology, designed the video games you play, and broken industry barriers.

ISBN: 9781953424464
Lexile® measure: 930L
More details

Activity Pack: Keep Playing
Create your own video game character, interview a grown-up about their favorite video game, and more in these Level Up-inspired activities.

Chapter Books

Our historical fiction chapter books explore the real lives of trailblazing, diverse women throughout history and include bonus educational activities.

Ada Lovelace Cracks The Code

Ada Lovelace Cracks the Code
Join Ada as she learns mathematics, machines, and coding, eventually leading her to write the world’s first programming language.

ISBN: 9781733176187
Lexile® measure: 790L
Guided Reading Level: T
More details

Activity: Punch Card Punchline
Have students use symbols (like a punch card) to decipher a code and reveal the punchline to the jokes.

Activity: Ada Says
Encourage students to create their own programming language to move throughout the classroom.

Activity: Talk Like A Computer
Teach the basics of binary code to decipher a message using 1s and 0s. 

Activity: Discussion Questions
Aligned with Common Core standards, these questions help students examine the key ideas, illustrations, and plot structure of the book.

Madam C. J. Walker Builds a Business

Madam C. J. Walker Builds a Business
Sarah Breedlove’s journey from first child in her family born free to America’s first female self-made millionaire.

ISBN: 9781733176194
Lexile® measure: 820L
Guided Reading Level: T
More details

Activity: Advertise Your Invention
Have students turn their big ideas into a business plan, then design an ad for their favorite invention.

Activity: Elevator Pitch
Fill in the blanks to create an “elevator pitch” for a product, then have students practice pitching in front of the class!

Activity: Discussion Questions
Aligned with Common Core standards, the discussion questions help students examine the key ideas and plot structure of the book.

Dr. Wangari Maathai Plants a Forest

Dr. Wangari Maathai Plants a Forest
Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist and environmentalist Dr. Wangari Maathai plants a seed to change her community.

ISBN 9781733176194
Lexile® measure: 760L
Guided Reading Level: T
More details

Activity: Power of One
Wangari believed in the power of one — that each of us can make a difference. Guide students to think about ways they can make an impact with small changes.

Activity: Green Jeneration
The Green Jeneration (J for “junior”!) is a movement that allows children to plant trees in community spaces.

Activity: Interconnectedness of Living Things
As Wangari did with frogs, have students draw the life cycle of their favorite animal and describe ways to protect its environment.

Junko Tabei Masters the Mountains

Junko Tabei Masters the Mountains
Follow mountaineer Junko Tabei on her quest to become the first woman to climb Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.

ISBN: 9781733329200
Lexile® measure: 740L
Guided Reading Level: S
More details

Activity: Conquering Fears
Climbing can be scary, which is exactly how Junko felt the first time she tried it. Students will describe a time they felt scared and what they learned.

Activity: Tying Knots
Junko used several knots to keep her safe throughout her journey. Have students use a shoelace, rope, or string to practice tying different types of knots.

Activity: Finding Balance
As a climber, it’s important to strengthen your balance. Get students up and get moving, practicing their balancing skills with these physical activities!

Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage

Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage
This world-renowned prima ballerina impressed people all over the world with her beautiful dancing — while living with visual impairments.

ISBN: 9781733329224
Lexile® measure: 780L
Guided Reading Level: S
More details

Activity: Claim Your Space
Inspired by Alicia, have students make simple shapes to claim their space, move through emotions with their bodies, and train their brains to multitask.

Activity: Learn Ballet Basics
After walking through ballet basics with dance company Smashworks Dance, have students use their newfound skills to choreograph their own routine.

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