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Let’s revolutionize girlhood through courage and confidence.

Support your Rebel on her confidence journey through five pillars: mind, body, family, community and world.

Have fun together while exploring how courage and confidence come together in our crafts, books, activities, and more.

The Gender Confidence gap


A confidence gap starts at age six, when girls start to think they’re less smart and less capable than boys.
Science Magazine, 2017


Between the ages of 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels fall by 30 percent.
The Confidence Code, 2018


8 out of 10 girls say they want to be more confident.
YPulse, 2018


86 percent of parents say their girl’s confidence increased because of Rebel Girls.
Rebel Girls, 2023

Building confidence

Visualizing who she wants to be or what she wants to accomplish plays an important role in her confidence journey.

These crafts are a fun way for your Rebel to celebrate what makes her feel confident now, set goals to build future confidence, and track her feelings over time.

Daily, weekly or monthly — these crafts are fun, easy and can be modified for age, interests, and accessibility.

Courage box

Her Courage Box will empower her through personal keepsakes, tokens, and other items that celebrate her Courage + Confidence journey milestones.

Vision Board

Your Rebel can create a vision board by showcasing words and images that empower her, spark courage, and inspire how she wants to build confidence. Get her started with stickers, icons and inspiring words.

Confidence Tracker

Confidence is a journey. Whether she chooses daily or weekly, encourage your Rebel to keep track of her ebbs and flows to notice when she needs to build, nurture or celebrate her confidence. The tracker also makes a great family activity.

Celebrate Creativity

Start here for fun, everyday activities that spark her creativity and nurture her confidence.

Drill Break: in Collaboration with Nike
Try out these fun football activities, inspired by Nike women footballers from around the world.

Growing Up Powerful Podcast
Preview the companion series to the book! Growing Up Powerful celebrates the messiness and milestones of growing up.

Try It Challenge: March
Use this bingo card to encourage your Rebel to say “yes!” to new experiences.

Create a Confidence Cube
She’ll create her own Lizzo cube and use this template to create more cube people!

Rock Out!
Your Rebel is the star of the show, and she’ll create her own album art to make it big!

Q&A Time
Bond with your Rebel with these questions to spark curiosity and strengthen connections.

Describe Your Favorite Rockstar
In this acrostic activity, identify the traits that make your Rebel’s favorite performers so amazing!

What’s Your Story?
This feel-good prompt asks Rebels to visualize and write about a time they felt super confident.

Nurture her journey

Growing Up Powerful

Demystify girlhood by giving her the tools to handle the milestones of growing up.

Watercolor Poster Set

“Brave, Bold, Strong, Kind, Stay Rebel” Tops and Tees

Rebel Girls Bear Gift Set by Build-A-Bear

“Growing Up Powerful: Audio Companion

Growing Up Powerful: Journal

Notes To Share

The five pillars of confidence

The Rebel Girls confidence journey focuses on her Body, Mind, Family, Community and World.


Taking care of and appreciating her growing body is the first step for a Rebel to start cultivating lifelong confidence.


Growing up is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. That’s why learning how the mind works and how to cope with big emotions is such an important part of self-esteem building.


Family dynamics can also change during this time. Take this opportunity to strengthen your bonds and support your Rebel. 


Our friends have a huge impact on us and can help carry the load when we’re feeling low. Encourage her to look around and see how she can uplift others.


There’s plenty of time for girls to decide what they want for their futures, and it’s fun to imagine all the exciting possibilities. Help your Rebel dream big by learning how to make a vision board or how to set goals.

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